You choose the location and aesthetic

Bravura Bars provide a quality Pub or Cocktail bar experience where ever you want it.

We bring to you a quality pub service where ever you want it. There should be no compromise in service from your favourite local pub. To achieve this we work incredibly hard to eliminate the compromises that are often made with mobile bars. The bar units are both portable and highly adaptable. This allows us to achieve the service and the aesthetic you desire. Our bars adaptability is well suited to themed occasions and personalisation.

All of this where ever you want it - That’s Freedom without comprise!

How do we do this? We keep things Real, Flexible, Personal and Sustainable.

Bravura Bars Values

Our core values.

Everything we do is tailored to meet our founding principle & values so that each one compliments the others


Bravura Bars has a strong orientation to traditional charm and value. This is echoed by our insistence to use real materials. Our main bar unit is made from 100% reclaimed timber predominantly from pallet wood.

Solid wood construction

Real Glassware, no platics

Real Ale & Cider

Fresh natural ingredients


Our bars units are flat pack and built each time to suit the location. This means there are few location that are out our capability. The design of the bar units is so that each part is easily replaceable and therefore adaptable to your requirements whether aesthetic or environmental factors.

Readily transported anywhere

Unique build possibilties

Adaptable foot print


We deeply believe that the bar area should enhance your occasion as opposed to simply providing a function. We always endeavour to complement and enhance by way of bespoke additions and personalisation of our bar units.


Doing business in a sustainable manner clearly makes sense. We believe that it also strongly reinforces the Real principle.

Fresh natural ingredients - where possible sourced and grown locally.

Our bar units have been handmade from reclaimed materials. The LED lighting and thermoelectric fridges run of 12v batteries charged by solar panels.


Trust Pilot

5 Stars

I would like to say a huge thank you for your efforts at our yearly social event. Many who attended mentioned how well the bar was run, and the draft beer was perfect! Thank you again, we will be using your company again next year.

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  • Bravura definition:

    Great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity.

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  • Key features

    Real ale & cider

    Bespoke cocktail menus

    Personalised to you

    Highly portable

    Public liability insurance